Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring

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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring for cardiac devices:

Pacemakers / defibrillators / loop recorders

What is remote monitoring?

Cardiac devices like pacemakers, defibrillators, and loop recorders have the ability to capture and store information about your heart rhythm directly within the device. This data can be retained until your scheduled clinic visit.

Remote monitoring is an option available to individuals, allowing us to remotely track the functioning of your device and access the recorded information from the comfort of your home. Your device can transmit the stored data either through a portable base unit (transceiver) or your mobile phone. The transmitted information is then analysed by a team of technologists, who will forward any significant findings to your designated clinician. This entire process, from your device to the transceiver to the technologists and then to your doctor’s office, is known as remote monitoring.

The base unit uses a dedicated mobile telephone channel, independent of your home internet connection. If you prefer to use your phone, the information is transmitted through your mobile service and utilizes your internet connection. Both options are available to you, and if you choose the mobile phone option, a separate transceiver may not be provided. The specific combination and options may vary with individual company and types of poacemakers.

Remote monitoring serves three important purposes:

(1) Ensuring the normal functioning of your device.

(2) Monitoring your heart rhythm between clinic visits.

(3) Facilitating the early detection of clinically significant abnormal heart rhythms or device malfunctions.

All essential information is securely stored within your cardiac device. The transceiver establishes wireless communication with your device at a predetermined time each night. This process occurs on a nightly basis, and the information is transmitted to the team of technologists for analysis semi regular basis. In urgent cases, the data may be transmitted the same night, and your doctor will typically be informed the following day.

It’s important to note that not all abnormalities will be recorded or transmitted. Only pre-specified rhythm abnormalities will be included in the transmitted data. Therefore, it remains crucial to continue your regular clinical visits, which provide a more comprehensive assessment.

In general, remote monitoring is offered to almost all individuals as a means to keep track of your device while you are at home. There are both free and paid service options available, with people opting for the paid service (provided by an external third party, such as Remote Rhythm Management). However, the decision is ultimately yours, and you can discuss the available options with your doctor.

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